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Indigo Mountain on KILO & RXP

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Tune in to this week's Streetbeat KILO 94.3 or RXP 94.3 Sunday morning 12/1 at 6am to hear Sue's interview with Coba Hoban  It will air on KILO 94.3 & RXP 103.9. Listen in to hear all about the Indigo Mountain outreach & sanctuary programs.

St. Paws Paw Pack

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Was your New Years resolution to reduce the clutter in your closet, basement or garage?  St. Paws Thrift Store would love your clutter!  They accept donations of new or gently used items and then resell to support animal related organizations in the Colorado Springs area.  No donation is too big or too small.  Indigo Mountain has been the recipient of several grants from them in 2012 including a matching grant to help with Tok’s surgery and the Indy Give! campaign and we are happy to participate in their new Paw Pack Partnership.

St. Paws

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We are happy to announce that the St. Paws Thrift Store will be offering a Matching Grant for this year's Give! 

That means every dollar you donate to Indigo Mountain during Give! will be matched to help stretch your dollar a little further.

Thank you to St. Paws for their support of our animals!

St. Paws Thrift store is a charitable store where each purchase is used to help all kinds of animals from Bunnies to Bears.  They are always in need of your gently used items.  Please visit their website at


CO Gives Day

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 We are once again participating in the Colorado Gives Day campaign.

 Please help us meet our goal of $10,000

 More information to come as we near December



Colorado Wildfires

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We would like to thank everyone for the huge outpouring of calls and emails regarding the wildfires burning in Colorado this summer.  It is so very heartwarming to hear from all of you across the world who care so much for Indigo Mountain and our animals.  June has been a difficult month, but we are ok.

We had a scare when the Arkansas fire erupted about 4 miles from us in early June.  The winds drove it back towards Lake George and away from us until the fire crews got it doused.  Then the Springer fire was ignited on June 17th by some “recreational shooting” at a propane tank just down the road from us.  It came within 2.8 miles of us and reverse 911 calls went out to warn us of a pre-evacuation notice.  We kept a nervous ear on the scanner and an eye on the horizon for a week.  

Springer fire




Planes cirlcing


Most of the animals curiously watched the aerial assault on the fire.  They all sat and watched as one slurry plane or helicopter after another flew overhead as they made their approach to the fire.  A few of the wolfdogs snuggled down nervously, and Ahwahnee became a little edgy.  Most of the cats stayed in the Bengal Barn rather than venturing out into their play yard.



We are happy to report that the fire crews successfully contained the fire and are still hard at work putting it out.  All of these fire fighters deserve a huge raise!

About the time the fire crews got the Springer fire under control a sick individual began setting small forest fires all over our area.  In the span of a week there were over 25 fires set by the arsonist.  It was a little nerve wracking to see all these little puffs of smoke going up all over the county.

Then the Waldo fire erupted just west of Colorado Springs last weekend.  While it is over 30 miles from us and is not a threat to the sanctuary it has had a small impact on us.  First, the winds have continuously brought quite a bit of the smoke to our valley and it has caused some difficulty for some of the animals.  Teton has significant problems breathing when the smoke comes in.  The minute he begins to smell smoke Teton wants inside, so he has become quite a housedog this week.  Some of our senior animals have had to be put on meds to help with the congestion and breathing.  But they are all doing ok.




The fire caused the closure of Highway 24 which is the only direct route to Colorado Springs.  So it cut off access to the sanctuary for most of our volunteers and interns and to the stores we purchase the animal’s food and supplies each week.  So we had to get creative to get our chicken shipment in.  A huge thank you goes to Peggy, Kim and Kevin for pulling it all together and to Tina who made the 6 hour round trip trek for us with a very packed truck.

When the Waldo fire shifted directions and headed for Woodland Park the authorities began evacuating part of town.  With very few animal shelters in the area there is limited room for evacuated pets.  TCRAS has taken in over 100 dogs and cats, and we have shuffled some animals around to make room for a few so far.  Those animals are now relaxing and settling in to their temporary home here at Indigo Mountain.  If more mandatory evacuations become necessary we will make room for more.  We wish we had a large barn so we could have helped more.  




Our thoughts go out to all those that have been impacted by these catastrophes; to those that have been evacuated, those who have lost everything and to the families of those who have lost loved ones.  We also want to thank the thousands of fire fighters from all over the country who are trying to keep Colorado safe.  We hope the monsoons begin soon and saturate our dry earth.

SPCA International Recognizes Indigo Mountain as Animal Shelter of the Week

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Lake George, CO February 5, 2010 -- The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International Shelter of the Week recognition program was created to recognize and honor animal organizations throughout the world for outstanding work to save and protect all kinds of animals. This week Indigo Mountain Nature Center was singled out for the Shelter of the Week honor. SPCA International supports small community-based shelters and organizations every week through cash grants to enhance and improve their facilities.


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