Become an Indigo Ambassador

As we meet and talk with animal lovers all over the world we often hear "I wish I lived closer, I'd love to be involved with Indigo Mountain." Well, now you can. We invite you to become an Indigo Ambassador! This special program has been designed so that people who want to be part of the organization can do so regardless of the amount of time and energy they have to spend. Best of all…you can volunteer in your own backyard!

We love the volunteers that have helped to make Indigo Mountain what it is today and we hope you will want to join the "pack".

Ways to Help

Spread our Message

An easy and effective way to spread the word about Indigo Mountain is to use Social Networking like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends know all about us. Share photos and stories about our rescues.


If you enjoy meeting people and have a little extra time on your hands tabling can be a fun way to help the sanctuary. Set up a table at fairs, dog walks, Farmer's Markets or pet stores. We have a resources page that will provide you with all sorts of photos and fliers that you can print off to share with the public. Besides passing out information you can collect names, addresses and emails for our mailing lists or donations that you can send to us.

Razoo Fundraisers

Create an on-line fundraiser with They make it so easy anyone can do it. Then share it with friends and family through emails, Facebook, Twitter or any other media you belong to.

Hold your own fundraising event to benefit the animals

The sky is the limit!

Here are just a few ways some of our Friends have helped:

A High School wildlife club sold candy bars to raise money for the bears.

One little girl asked friends to donate money to us rather than bringing presents to her birthday party.

A social club threw a beer bust in our honor to raise money for the bears.

A volunteer passed out fliers at a local art festival.


Your donations provide food, vet care and habitats for animals in need

Donate Now!

Animal Sponsorship

Your animal sponsorship will provide food, enrichment, veterinary care and a habitat for the animals.

Sponsor an Animal!


Get involved, care for animals, help fundraise, construct new habitats

Volunteer Now!