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Each of the animals at Indigo Mountain is fed a diet specifically designed for their nutritional needs. The diet consists of only top quality poultry, beef, deer, elk and fish mixed with all the vitamins and nutrients necessary to ensure a long, healthy life. On average we feed over 700 pounds of raw food to the canines each week. The Bengals receive a mixture of high quality cat food supplemented with a raw diet of chicken, beef and fish. The bears are fed a special omnivore diet, grains, vegetables, fruit, poultry, and fish. The bear's diet is varied throughout the year to mimic the diet patterns of a wild bear. To do this the Center's four bears eat over 2 tons of food a year.

You can imagine how costly it is to feed our growing population. Even the little mouths like the sugar gliders and hedgehogs cost over $1,000 per year to feed. All totaled our food bill for the sanctuary exceeds $31,000 a year. When you add the cost of running the freezers and refrigerators to keep the meat cold, the transportation to town to collect all the groceries and the trash bill to discard the wrappers and boxes you can see that the cost to feed the animals is a huge portion of our annual budget.

All donations from the Feed the Animals program will go directly to the purchase of food items. Please give to the Feed the Animals.

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