The Story Behind Indigo Mountain

It all started with a photo shoot at an animal refuge in the early 90’s. A local wildlife photography club had put together a photo session with several animals as a benefit to the refuge. Sue Cranston joined in and quickly fell in love with a little wolf pup named Raven, Mahtola, the bear and Shiloh, a mountain lion. She became so “hooked” that she spent a great deal of time volunteering for the refuge for the next years to come.

While volunteering for the refuge Sue became heavily involved in the rescue of captive born wildlife such as tigers, lions, jaguar, cougars, lynx, bobcats, black bears, coyotes, fox, wolves and wolfdogs. Throughout the 1990’s Sue and Carol Scarborough teamed up to rescue abandoned wolfdogs from animal control agencies, humane societies and from individuals throughout Colorado. But it was clear that the refuge was full and if they wanted to continue to rescue wolfdogs something more would have to be done.

In 1999 Carol and Sue parted company with the refuge and set out to build a first class wildlife center.  After years of research and planning they purchased a parcel of land adjacent to the National Forest near Lake George, Colorado. The Center is nestled in a peaceful mountain valley at 8,700’ in elevation with a perfect climate for wolfdogs and bears.

After spending 6 months obtaining permits from the county and state Indigo Mountain was born! They broke ground on the first habitats in January 2000 and moved the first 3 wolfdogs into their new home by May 2000. The first bear came along shortly thereafter.

By 2003 the small grassroots rescue had grown by leaps and bounds and they had earned a national reputation for excellence in caring for a variety of species. Today, Indigo Mountain is home to over 70 animals including black bear, sugar gliders, hedgehog, hybrid cats, wolfdogs and coydogs.

During the 90’s Carol and Sue designed a variety of wildlife education programs and began offering them to local schools, clubs and community organizations throughout the Front Range of Colorado. They also spent a great deal of time working with animal control officers, sheriff departments and humane societies and shelters to educate them on many of the species that Indigo Mountain cares for. After 13 years of business Indigo Mountain’s educational efforts are in greater demand than ever before.


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