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      Low Content Wolfdog

      In September, 2007 the Nebraska Humane Society asked for our help in placing a number of animals that had been confiscated from a backyard breeder nearby.  They had 50 dogs, wolfdogs and bobcats needing homes. Once the judge signed over the ownership to the Humane Society we took in the very low content Great Pyrenees-Malamute wolfdog puppies from two different litters.

      Most of the puppies were placed in experienced homes, but Teton and his sister Shastina arrived at Indigo Mountain with canine influenza and had to be quarantined.  Just as the two were getting strong and healthy Teton developed a little wobble in his walk.  The situation became worse over the Christmas holidays and by the first of the year Teton was having trouble getting up. When he did try to run he bunny hopped.

      He has been diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and is currently in physical therapy for strengthening exercises in hopes of tightening the hip joint and reducing the risk of further damage to the ball and socket joint.

      We set up the Teton Fund to help with his medical and rehabilitation expenses. Please consider sponsoring Teton by clicking on the Paypal button.




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