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    Starwolf Weavings has compassionately created their beautiful shawls to support rescue sanctuaries and organizations.  One of the organizations they support is Indigo Mountain Nature Center. Dian has personally witnessed the quality care the IMNC animals receive.  Here is a photo of Dian with Taza, one of the Indigo Mtn animals.

    With your purchase of a Starwolf Weavings Shawl for Indigo Mountain Nature Center, not only will you be purchasing a beautiful piece of wearable art, but your charitable donation will be supporting our animals. 

    Starwolf Weavings shawls are hand made from harvested wolf fleece, sheep wool and/or man made-fibers. Only animal friendly ingredients are utilized. Below you will see several patterns and coloration’s of these beautiful, warm and comfortable shawls.  Dian is in the photos below wearing each shawl.



    Starwolf Weavings do not use wolf hides. No fur is shaved or cut from wolves. Only naturally occurring shed fur is used. HERE are some examples of how wolf/wolfdog fur is harvested during shed to show how easily it can be done.

    Starwolf Weavings creates their lovely shawls from generous donations by people and organizations who donate their shed wolf fur every season. This fur is hand washed, and spun into the yarn to make the shawls. They are soft and warm and can be easily cleaned.

    Each photo above has the name of the color for you to choose when you contact Starwolf Weavings with your generous donation.

    Below is the contact information for Starwolf Weavings. Let them know you are supporting Indigo Mountain Nature Center with the color or pattern for your choice of shawl.

    Starwolf Weavings E-mail

    Starwolf Weavings telephone number: (503)704-2246

    All photos above are @Starwolf Weavings.

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