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    Reported to be 93% F2 wolfdog

    While all of the animals at Indigo Mountain have come from abused, abandoned, neglected or surplus situations such as backyard breeders and roadside attractions Stormy is an exception.  In a way, Stormy was a surplus animal but she did not need “saving”.

    To understand the story behind Stormy’s arrival at Indigo Mountain you have to go back in time to the winter of 2004.  All of our canines are housed in compatible groupings or pairs. That winter, Taza, a 5 year old high content wolfdog had to be removed from his pack due to a pack hierarchy struggle.  We found that he and Tok, a yearling at the time got along very well temperament-wise; however, Tok was just too rambunctious for Taza. Taza had been trampled by his mother as a small pup and his hips are very fragile. Taza is also our ambassador animal and Tok is in training to be an ambassador as well.

    So we began to keep an eye out for a female of about the same content and age as Tok.  For months we worked with other rescuers trying to find just the right animal, but nothing worked in our situation.  Finally, we came across just the right animal for Tok & Taza.

    Occasionally, the more responsible wolfdog breeders will breed a new pairing and keep several from the litter to determine what their temperament is like and if they like the conformation from the breeding.  The down side of this is that far too many of those pups have a difficult time finding homes.  Whether you are talking about golden retrievers or wolfdogs people want puppies, not 18 month old dogs.  Cottonwood Kennels had hung on to 3 pups from a new pairing the year before.  They had plans to use two of the three for search and rescue, deer retrieval, hospice work or as a breeder in the future. But they had no definite plans for Stormy.  When they learned what we were looking for they offered Stormy to us to round out our ambassador pack.

    As we had hoped, Stormy immediately went into play bows with Tok at their first meeting. It is quite the contrast to watch the petite little Stormy tug and play with Tok, our gentle giant.  It has been the perfect match all the way around.  The two kids roughhouse and play while Taza lays perched on top of the rocks keeping a watchful eye on the kids ever the proud alpha.


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