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    We believe in allowing the animals to lead a normal life.  Animals that swim, climb or dig in the wild should be able to do so in captivity.  We provide jungle gyms and hammocks for climbing animals. We provide water sources for animals who enjoy water. We provide portable digging boxes for animals who dig. These can be filled with sand, dirt, straw, hair etc.  We provide landscape burlap bags filled with branches or vegetation for animals with large claws to grasp.

    Note:  Always take the animal’s safety into consideration. Can the enrichment item hurt the animal or cause aggressiveness?  Use extra caution when using plastics, bags, chain or cardboard boxes as an enrichment item. Avoid toys with removable parts that can be easily swallowed.

    This year Indigo Mountain completed a playground built with the canines in mind. The playground is equipped with a single tower, with a ramp and two platforms to allow the animals to climb. What wolfdog doesn’t like to get up high? For those that would rather dig than climb to lofty heights the bottom of the tower has a sand box for hiding treats and toys. Yes, we are breaking all the rules.  We are teaching wolfdogs to dig! Once they are tired of digging they can play tug with a Jolly ball on a rope.  For the more adventuresome there is a rock climbing wall attached as well.

    The playground is also equipped with agility equipment such as weave poles, an A Frame, a wolf walk, a tire jump, pause tables, a crawl box, crawl tube, a wacky wolf walker, teeter totter, a balance board, a long log jump and a ladder walk.

    Future plans include a natural pond and waterfall to cool their tired little paws.


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