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Lila Wi

    Mid content wolfdog

    In January, 2003 we became involved in a large scale rescue of a defunct sanctuary in Conroe Texas.  A number of the wolfdogs had become gravely ill, and a number of them had perished due to a distemper outbreak. 

    From what we have learned, As Gaya Dihi was one of seven pups and their parents taken from a backyard breeder in New Mexico in the spring of 1999 and transferred to the North American Wolf Association (NAWA). 

    When we came upon her, Lila Wi was in a cage with her sister Wascin. They had suffered from neurologic distemper, but had somehow survived the disease.

    Lila Wi is the Lakota word for beautiful woman.  She is definitely a beautiful wolfdog.  Once we got past the initial distrust Lila Wi was the first of the NAWA animals to approach us for attention. Today, Lila
    Wi lives with Nacona a mid content coydog.

    To learn more about the Texas Rescue please see our
    News page.


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