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The Bears Playground

    One of the guiding principals of Indigo Mountain Nature Center is that we provide enrichment programs to promote the highest quality of life to the animals we care for. We have found that animals are happier,
    healthier and it sharpens their problem-solving capabilities when they have something to do or play with.

    With that in mind we completed a new playground for the Center’s black bears this summer. It is equipped with a pool, tires, spools, a log house and trees to climb. We go in to hide grapes, berries, apple slices
    or other tasty treats in the tire, on tree limbs, and under rocks prior to letting them in the habitat. Then we sprinkle perfume or food scents all over the ground or on the house. One of their favorites is peanut butter or honey on the tree bark.

    The Bear playground was made possible by memorial donations in honor of Judy Razo. Judy was one of those special people that rarely grace our lives. She was only able to visit us once before losing her battle with cancer, however, her spirit and her love for the bears and the sanctuary are still with us today.

    Click on each photo to see their full size.

Upon their release into the new playground Ahwahnee and Tenaya were a little cautious.

Nickie Koeller warns Ahwahnee about the electric lines on the fence.

Meanwhile, Tenaya hugs a tree.

Then Mahto sniffed out the peanut butter smeared on this little pine tree.





Satank teeters on the side of the pool.

Satank cools off in the pool while Mahto takes a sun bath after a hard day of foraging.

Tenaya hits the jackpot! The tire is full of berries.

It didn't take long before Mahto figured out there was no roof on this playground.

    Indigo Mountain offers Enrichment Sponsorships as an other way you can get involved and help each of the animals to have a better life and a wonderful time. Your Sponsorship will help us provide balls, Kongs, tugs and other play things for the playground.

    If you would like to give a gift of sponsorship to one or more of the Animals, please click


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