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Boyscouts Visit - November 2005

    Over the years Boy Scout troops have been a huge help to Indigo Mountain.  Their community service projects have included building a baby bear cage, staining outbuildings, laying groundwire, staining fence poles, building cinderblock dens, fire mitigation, and insulating and installing drywall in the “Sugar Shack” for our Sugar Glider Colony

    This year, Evergreen’s Boy Scout Troop 737 once again visited with us and did a fantastic job with all the projects.  We had a record number attend this year’s outing. There were 30 boys and 14 parents who braved the cold weather to stay the weekend.

    On Saturday we broke the boys into groups. They would then rotate from project to project so they could experience a wide variety of tasks.  We had one group laying a concrete footer in the bears new playground.  One group set fence poles, while another group had the job of clearing out a huge pile of old straw to be moved to our compost pile. Another group worked on clearing the property of dead trees and slash.

    This year we had a special project.  Earlier in the year Michael Iverson contacted us about completing his Eagle Scout project at Indigo Mountain.    It was decided his project would be a log cabin that would act as a den for two of our wolfdogs.  We discussed different ideas and he designed the perfect wolfhouse for Tacoma and Shasta!

    Our thanks go out to Michael and the entire Evergreen Troop 737 for what they accomplished.  We would also like to extend a big thank you to Home Depot for donating some of the materials for the Log Cabin.  Our thanks also go out to IMNC volunteer Mark Radtke for spending Saturday helping with all the projects.

Photos of the event!



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