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    Welcome to the Alternative and Exotic Pet Adoption Page

    The animals found on this page are in need of placement in responsible, knowledgeable and caring homes. Alternative and Exotic pets are not for everyone. Some require specialized diets, veterinary care  and containment. Do you have what it takes to offer them a forever home? After careful thought, hours of reasearch and some hands-on experience please phone or e-mail the contact for the particular animal listed for adoption. We will be adding adoptable animals as soon as we get the information, so please check back often.

    Remember, this is a Rescue List. It is not available for breeders to sell off their surplus.

    Some of these animals may not be legal in your area. Please investigate your city, county and state regulations.

    Indigo Mountain provides information and photos of the animals needing forever homes for rescuers throughout the country. Indigo Mountain does NOT facilitate these adoptions unless we are listed as the contact on a specific animal.  A link to the rescuer's email is provided on every adoptable page.  Please use that link to contact the rescuer directly.

    Small Mammals - this can include Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Sugar gliders, Degus, STO, Hedgehogs, Rats, Ferret, Mink, Chinchillas and Squirrels.

    Hybrid Cats - Bengals, Chusie, Savannah, Safari



    All Other Wildlife - Fox, Kinkajou, Binturongs, and Skunks.

    Reptiles & Amphibians - Frogs, Salamanders, Snakes, Iguana, and Turtles. Sorry no venomous reptiles may be listed.


    Big Cats & Bears - Sorry folks, we will not list these species for adoption to private homes on this page. For help with placement of these animals contact us at [email protected] (remove the “nospam”)

    If you have an animal in need of rehoming or placement please submit this form to IMNC.

    Placement Request Submission Form

    Here are the Animals that have found forever homes!

    Terms and Conditions

    We do not endorse any rescue organization or individual listing an animal for placement.

    We do not guarantee the health or behavior of any animal posted on this website. All information is supplied by the contact person or their agent and each is responsible for the content of their submission.

    We reserve the right to refuse anyone. No breeders will be allowed to list their animals for sale of for adoption.

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