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The Story Behind Indigo Mountain

    Throughout the 1990’s  Indigo Mountain’s founders, Sue Cranston and Carol Scarborough, began rescuing abandoned wolfdogs from animal control agencies and surplus animals from individuals. While volunteering for a small refuge in Colorado they became heavily involved in the rescue of captive born wildlife such as tigers, lions, jaguar, cougars, lynx, bobcats, black bears, coyotes, fox, and wolves.

    During this same period they designed Wildlife Education programs and offered them to local schools, clubs and community organizations.

    In 1999 they parted company with the refuge and set out to build a first class wildlife center.  After years of research and planning they purchased a parcel of land adjacent to the National Forest near Lake George, Colorado, obtained permits from the county and state and construction of a new facility began in January 2000.

    Many believe the Center is set on a mountain top named Indigo. In actuality, the facility is nestled in a peaceful valley at 8,700’ in elevation.  The Center is named in memory of a beautiful wolfdog that taught them the “ways of wolf”. Indigo died in 1998, but she will be forever remembered in our hearts.



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